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Who We Are

MCI Health® is a U.S. based data-driven, technology healthcare company delivering AI-automated, self-contained, virtual chronic disease intervention for remission in individuals of obesity-based chronic diseases: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, COPD, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, pre-diabetes, sleep apnea and in many cases as a bridge for solid organ transplant. We target employees and dependents from self-insured enterprises, insurance, hospital networks, and academic partners through innovative, cost-effective, turnkey programs and closed networks for Population Health. Our lead product is copyrighted (TX7-649-881) for remote (mHealth) delivery of Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) for obesity and at-risk overweight intervention powered by a secure, scalable, multi-portal disease management platform. This unique obesity intervention has gone through research and development for pilot, licensing and strategic partnership in global settings.

Since obesity is the cornerstone for multiple chronic diseases, and chronic disease is responsible for 75% of healthcare costs, our MISSION is delivering evidence-based, quality care to employee participants by leading disruptive innovation based upon our hands-on experience and proven results with over 5,000 obese patients in 9 years.

Today MCI Health is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for employee participants to personalize our intuitive mobile app by self-learning algorithms and virtual assistants (VA’s) in order to drive cognitive lifestyle, behavioral, and nutritional therapy. Our research showed significant (8-10%) long-term weight loss is necessary for virtual chronic disease intervention for remission of the costliest and most debilitating diseases, including type 2 diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, and heart failure.

Due to the obesity epidemic affecting the bottom lines of related healthcare enterprises, MCI Health® invented, trialed, and refined over 5 ½ years a robust, automated, multi-portal, interoperable, HIPAA-compliant platform for delivering virtual chronic disease intervention for remission, authored the 12-weeks Daily Therapy© and motivational interactive quizzes online library. We refined the modified protein sparing nutrition of the late Dr. George Blackburn of Harvard Medical School for safe, rapid fat burning in the liver by caloric restriction and nutritional ketosis. Clinical data was transmitted by an electronic Bluetooth scale, and patient-reported data from quiz answers is stored in the platform. Protein meals and certified physician supervision are the basis for 24×7 health coaching, which responses are stored in the database. Physical activity, food and water intake and moods and thoughts were stored and approved by the health coach by either text, phone, or secure internal email and message board. Participants were followed routinely by the participants’ private physicians for discontinuation of medications as weight is lost. There was no need for direct or telemedicine contact by our staff with the participants. Following the Active weight loss and Daily Therapy, participants were transitioned to a modified Mediterranean or vegan diet for life.

Although 3-5% weight loss can improve risks, and “The Largest incremental medical cost savings = 5-10% Weight Loss” Cawley J, Myerhoff C, et al. Savings in Medical Expenditures. Pharmacoeconomics. 2015; 33(7): 707–722. We strive for 20% weight loss.

The average yearly cost for diabetic employees is $16,752, with over $9,000 direct costs. The average yearly cost for obese employees is $3,502. The average savings of $2137/year for 5% weight loss for BMI 40.

Results: 86 obese patients were studied from 12/2015 to 10/2018. The time from diagnosis to intervention for those in remission was 10.8 years versus 11.42 years not going into remission. Twenty (20) type 2 diabetics out of twenty-nine (29) patients (70%) completing at least 25 of 60 Daily Therapy sessions (“completers”) reached remission off all insulin and HbA1c less than or equal to 6.5 within an average of 5.5 weeks. 17 of 20 diabetics completing at least 25 sessions (85%) entered remission and 3 of 20 (15%) went into remission but failed to complete at least 25 sessions (“non-completers”). The average weight loss % of “completers” was 16.43% followed for 9.79 months versus non-completers losing 7.54% followed for 5 months. The average adherence rate (% completers) was 63.4%. In addition to insulins, medications for high blood pressure, COPD, heart failure, and peripheral neuropathy were generally discontinued. The average weight loss required for diabetes remission was 8%. The average time from diagnosis to remission was 11.42 years for T2D remission failures and 11.73 years for remission success. Average group weight loss for the T2D remission group weight loss was 13.4% in 8.2 month follow-up. Quality of life indicators improved. Sick days, workers’ comp, and emergency hospital admissions dropped dramatically. In conclusion, Intensive multi-component behavioral, lifestyle, and nutritional therapy as recommended by the US Preventive Services Task Force in 2012 as the first step for obesity intervention, is effective for generating an average of 3-5% weight loss in many published studies. We found an average of 8% was required for diabetes remission, and a virtual intervention was effective in reaching this end point.



We’re presenting a ready-to use, cost-effective, data-driven ecosystem for a new era of chronic disease intervention. As an industry leader, we’re using our hands-on experience by inventing disruptive solutions to fulfill the needs of companies to predictably reduce costs and staff burden, while achieving superior outcomes, satisfaction, and supporting data.

Our online intervention works by participants being invited to enroll in a voluntary, AI-based experience with human augmentation in which they will be asked simple questions to create natural language, “self” learning algorithms for motivational biofeedback and cognitive insights. This natural language intelligence will be injected into voice-activated virtual assistants (VA), much like Seri and Alexa, for support and automated health coaching.

Participants will initially receive written online instructions and be assured they will receive the same or greater level of physician and health coach support compared with in-person, phone, or digital. For example, participants are goaled to lose 20% weight or an average of ½ – 1 pound per day. When they meet daily goals, they will receive cognitive natural language messaging congratulations and reminders for continued adherence. For example, when their weight loss plateaus, they will receive personalized natural language messaging from one of their algorithms discussing what to do to break out of their plateau.

An integrated Bluetooth scale and activity/sleep monitor will provide critical patient reported data and the basis for messaging.

A secure “portal” is provided to participants and Trustees for access to powerful multidimensional data and an intuitive tool to collect and report data for our clients. Group and individual information can be archived and shared, including predictive modeling. We will work with TPA’s to customize an interactive website for their needs including a Content Management System and frequent updates.  


  1. Personalized and Accountable Services:

Obesity results from bad habits of lifestyle and behavior at birth manifesting in adulthood as metabolism slows. We web-enabled the 2012 recommendations of the US Preventive Services Task Force for obesity intervention and others by incorporating the principles of cognitive behavioral theory with smartphone technology. We’re blending natural language with advanced artificial intelligence as the basis for personalized, lifestyle and behavioral algorithms for a vast library of motivational virtual assistant responses.

  1. Virtual Chronic Disease Intervention for Remission:

We transitioned from a subscription business model to performance and outcome-based with zero upfront risk or costs. Participants can earn cash for reaching weight loss milestones and loss-framed cash for performing physical activity.

  1. Intelligent Technology Ecosystem

It’s not just about weight loss but helping populations to learn to rapidly lose weight and habitualizing to keep it off. Our intuitive personal virtual assistants and self-algorithms are designed to be cost-efficient and capable of generating massive actionable data from engagement through long-term maintenance.

  1. Disruptive Chronic Disease-specific Solutions:

We understand the tremendous complexity and challenge of how each patient specifically deals with, or perhaps chooses not to deal with, their obesity and various obesity-related diseases. Our team is well-prepared. The intervention has built-in flexibility, alerts, and the human augmentation capability to meet this challenge. The intervention is designed for chronic disease remission in order to make people and the bottom line healthier, not medical management of the status quo.


After validating our hypothesis of virtual chronic disease intervention for remission, we’re building a sophisticated natural language ecosystem making person-person and telemedicine visits for population health largely obsolete. We have the customizable tools to make your obese, chronically ill members much less costly, more productive, and grateful with outcome predictability. CRM software automatically reports suggestions and satisfaction.

Our Research Partners

  • Gknowmix, Inc. is a academic-based company from Capetown, South Africa for nutrigenomic analysis founded by Professor Maritha Kotze of the University of Stellenbosch Faculty of Medicine.
  • The Biostatistics Center of Bloomberg School of Public Health of Johns Hopkins University for advanced biometric analysis.
  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Miami Transplant Institute
  • Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute at Memorial Hospital, Hollywood Florida
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Improve Outcomes,
ROI, and QALY’s

Improve Outcomes

Leading the mHealth transformation

Who We Help

Health Seekers

We understand how difficult it is to lose weight on your own, that’s why we give you all the support and tools to guarantee success on your new Health Path. MCI Health is sponsoring the PROMO-1 (Perioperative Remote Obesity Management for Orthopedics) national clinical trial for major joint replacement centers. Patients and centers desiring more information should contact us.

Your lifestyle should be filled with satisfaction that comes by taking responsibility for your own wellness and health.

Physicians and Surgeons

Our remote Intense Behavioral Therapy (IBT) programs for obesity intervention are designed to help physicians save time and money, removing barriers and staff burden to decrease costs and improving clinical performance. We want to help keep you independent & successful. Obese pre-operative patients for joint replacement benefit from weight loss by reducing the risks of infection, bleeding, anesthesia-related complications, shortness of breath and re-operations.

Employers, ACO's and Networks

  • Improve Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)
  • Improve outcomes
  • Improve meaningful data
  • Improve patient experiences
  • Increase outpatient health and wellness participation
  • Decrease Re-admissions
  • Improve performance
  • Advanced analytics – Risk stratification and predictive modelling
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Improve Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALY’s)

Research Partners

Our Platform

Platforms are powerful, chronic disease management tools for patients, supporters, and stakeholders. MCI Health platforms are interoperable, cloud-based, online networks, with multi-portal logins. Unlike other commercial networks, MCI Health’s robust, mobile database securely stores clinical, laboratory, and personal data and delivers the “Daily Therapy,” interactive quizzes, and email communications.

Scalable from 250,000 patients and 5,000 stakeholders. The MCI platform incentivizes patients to stay connected with multi-specialty clinicians, outpatient services and admin support, to better coordinate patient compliance. We also can provide meaningful data and advanced analytics, including risk stratification and predictive modeling, for population health management.

Establishing Partnerships for Global Health

Contact us for information.

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Health Factory

You’ll receive an assortment of Health Factory® protein meals, a supply of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements specially designed for this program. We offer a large variety of individually packed gluten-free, kosher meals: shakes, cocoas, teas, oatmeal, soups, breakfast cereals, protein bars and yogurts.

Our great tasting meals are made in the USA. They’re high in protein (15 grams of whey based protein), low in calories (90-100 cal.) and low in carbohydrates with zero cholesterol and trans fats.

Protein Shakes

For Home & To-Go!

Our shakes come in packets or To-Go Bottles and in various flavors. We offer Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla and Cappuccino flavors for variety. From a nutritional perspective they all are equally good for you!

Nutritional Facts:

  • 100 Calories
  • 15 grams of Protein
  • 1.5 gram of fat
  • 20% of your daily needs of various Vitamins and Minerals
  • 7 grams of sugar

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Cocoas, Oatmeal & Soups

Hot Cocoas! Oatmeal! Soups!

The Hot Cocoas come in the flavors of Chocolate or Mint Chocolate, while Oatmeal either in Apple Cinnamon or Maple Brown Sugar and Soups in Creamy Tomato or Creamy Chicken flavor. All of these meals taste the best if prepared warm and are especially good for weight loss in the winter months.

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Protein Bars

Protein Bars!

These rich and delicious protein bars are excellent in taste and nutrition. They’re wonderful for a late afternoon snack, dessert, or when you are hungry but can’t get to a healthy meal and want to stay on track with your new lifestyle transition.

Nutritional Facts:

  • 145 calories
  • 15 grams of protein (from egg and milk)
  • zero cholesterol & trans fat
  • total carbs 11 mg

Also contained are 20-30% minimum daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals. Each bar is Kosher and gluten-free.

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Vitamin Supplements


To make sure you get all your required minerals and vitamins, we have a 4-week Vitamins & Minerals package for you. Vitamin D, Calcium, Multi-Vitamins, Potassium and Chromium are included. One of each per day will energize you on short and long-term. 3 months supply is included in the cost of all weight loss programs

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Shaker Bottle

MCI Health Branded Shaker Bottle!

The Shaker Bottle is the best selling shaker in the US today. The surgical grade stainless steel wire wisk helps to break down the protein in your shakes and blend the contents together perfectly. The BPA-free plastic is safe. The side grips make it easy to hold. This terrific product is perfect for the office, auto, or kitchen. We strongly advise using a brush and warm soapy water daily to keep the protein from collecting. With care, this fine product will serve you well for many years. One bottle is included in all weight-loss programs.

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Client Services


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