Fact Sheet

What we can do for the Health Care Industry
          • 1. Improving Outcomes
            Hospitals & PCPs: Generate additional, significant revenue per patient by existing auxiliary staff delivering in-person Intense Behavioral Therapy (IBT) using the MCI Health program. PCPs continue to bill for routine medical visits. Bridge patient care from in-patient to out-patient status.
            Joint Replacement Centers: Join a national network of Joint Replacement Centers for Perioperative Care for Obesity to improve medium and long term outcomes, shorten recovery times and improved monitoring. Due to increased surgical site infections (SSI’s), blood clots, anesthesia-related complications, breathing difficulties and re-operations, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) published a position paper recommending surgeons encourage obese patients to lose significant weight prior to hip and knee replacement. AAOS Position Paper 
          • Employers, ACOs & TPAs: Maximize your ROI by using IBT to: decrease costs, ER visits, and re-admissions. Improve Medical Loss Ratio (MLR), outcomes, quality adjusted life years (QALY’s), productivity and create actionable data. ROI is 6.6 to 1 at 10 years. Expand your cash flow with filtered software to mine and engage your database with motivational, behavioral messaging and direct clients to providers.
          • 2. Integration
            Leverage our platform into your existing EHR to create your own customized population and integrated disease management platform. Optimized to host a wide variety of practice management and wellness programs in one place. Ultimately to implement new care protocols into your existing EHR at low cost and high ROI. We design and develop scalable, filtered, cloud-based platforms and software to capture and engage high BMI populations.
          • 3. Real-Time Data
            All data-points are updated in real time. From the moment a Patient performs self-entry or a medical assistant completes a new progress note update, it will be instantly available. Routine reports and advanced analytics are easily transmitted, including predictive modeling and risk stratification.
            Additional to having real-time data, they can be instantly visualized and utilized through our advanced analytic services.
            Routine reports may be easily generated. Clinical data is securely transmitted to the Biostatistics Center of Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University from which advanced analytics are derived, including predictive modeling and risk stratification.
        • 4. Features & Services:
        • Full service “Plug and play” weight management programs including capitation, fee-for service, and hybrid models. Licensing. Staff training and supervision.
          Custom design, development, and support.
          Daily Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity, as recommended by Medicare and the 2012 Preventative Services Task Force
          Online Health Risk Assessments
          Online interactive motivational daily quizzes with alerts
          Personal lifestyle trackers, personal scales, and wearable devices synchronized with analytic displays
          Secure E-mail and Text messages
          24/7 Live and Online Coaching
          Full EHR Integration